Council Committees

Crucial to the Blue Grass Council’s success are the operations of the various council-level committees and subcommittees. Through these committees, teams of volunteers work tirelessly to make the Scouting program available for the youth of central and eastern Kentucky.

The committees below are grouped underneath the council executive board and are chaired by a council vice president. Each has a specific function that plays a critical role in the success of the Scouting program. If you are interested in serving on one or more of these committees, simply contact the respective committee chair or vice president using the information below.

  Finance and Fund Development

Although Scouting’s primary purpose is not raising money, that is a critical part of continuing to provide the Scouting program for youth.  The Finance committee works to ensure that the council has a balanced budget and to manage the council’s finances in the best way possible. The Fund Development committee focuses on conducting Friends of Scouting campaigns, holding special fundraising events, and developing the council’s endowment.

Treasurer: Allen Norvell


In order for Scouting’s program to have a positive impact on the lives of youth, those youth must first be a part of Scouting.  The Membership committee works to recruit more youth into every program area of Scouting and to help units deliver a quality Scouting program. Committee members work to support recruiting events such as School Nights for Scouting, and they provide districts and units with support to help them grow.

Chair: Vacant


The heart of Scouting is the program itself—the method by which youth learn and grow. The Program committee ensures that the program is running smoothly at all levels: unit, district, and council. The committee itself is divided into several subcommittees: Activities, Advancement, and Camping & Outdoor Program. The Venturing Officers’ Association and the Order of the Arrow are also organized into the Program committee (although the OA lodge reports directly to the Scout Executive).

Chair: Anthony Kenney

  District Operations

Districts are geographical subdivisions within the council which focus on supporting Scouting units within their territory. The District Operations committee exists to support districts, train district chairs and committee members, and help districts become functional groups that are working effectively to support Scouting in their area.

Chair: Vacant


Behind the scenes of Scouting, groups of volunteers work to manage the necessary paperwork needed to keep the Blue Grass Council running and able to support Scouting. The Administration committee handles insurance, risk management, auditing, health and safety, and other essential tasks.

Chair: Ernie Sammons

  Alumni Relations

Scouting changes lives. The Alumni Relations committee keeps in touch with past and current Scouts, providing opportunities for becoming re-engaged with Scouting.

Chair: Tim Brown


Scouts in the Blue Grass Council are fortunate to have access to beautiful locations like Camp McKee, and the volunteers who support Scouting are likewise fortunate to have a council service center and Scout Shop within the council’s territory. The Properties committee works to maintain and improve these council properties, striving to make them better for the Scouts and volunteers who use them on a frequent basis.

Chair: Alan Watts