Camp McKee Alumni Association

The greatest adventures of a Scout’s life begin at camp. Camp is the best place for Scouts to develop their outdoor skills, self-confidence, leadership, an appreciation for nature, and respect for others. It is at camp that Scouts learn to live and work together, and to share and cooperate with one another. The Camp McKee Alumni Association was formed to foster the ideals of Scouting, and to promote Scout camping.

The Camp McKee Alumni Association is an adult organization within the Blue Grass Council, Boy Scouts of America, whose mission is to provide “Spirit, Service and Support” to Camp McKee and its related outdoor programs. The Association’s purpose is to help sustain and enhance the traditions, legacy and permanence of Camp McKee through a network of active and dedicated alumni.

If you would like to serve Scouting through the outdoor programs of the Blue Grass Council, then become a member of the Camp McKee Alumni Association.