The Popcorn sales program enables your unit to do the things they want without running many fund raisers. By selling popcorn in the fall, you can support an entire year of Scouting for your unit.  This is an officially approved council-unit money-earning project that many packs, troops, and crews participate in each year.

  • Welcome Letter from Council Popcorn Chair
  • Great News!! Popcorn Training Video
  • 2023 Key Dates
  • Trails-End Support-FAQ’s
  • 2023 Trails-End Popcorn Order Form (PDF)
  • 2023 Trails End Storefront Reservation Guide
  • 2023 Popcorn Sales Commission
  • 2023 Trails-End Leader Guidebook
  • 2023 Trails-End Training Videos
  • 2023 Unit Program Planner
  • 2023 Military CSP (Council Shoulder Strip)
  • 2023 Top Selling Unit CSP  (Council Shoulder Strip)
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  • 2023 Store Front Reservation Guide
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Contact Us

Council Popcorn Kernel
John Gilbert – (859) 492-0781
Director of Fund Development
Jessica Moses – (859) 231-7811ext. 366
Service Area One Elkhorn & Palisades District Popcorn Kernel
Kim Bayes – (502) 545-0456
Elkhorn District Executive
Sofia Guadagni
Mt. Laurel / Lake Cumberland
Mt. Laurel District Popcorn Kernel
Lonesome Pine District
Palisades District Executive
Jessica Moses
Shawnee District Popcorn Kernel
Shawnee District Executive
Marlene Gonzalez